Is It Possible To Make Your Best Friend Your Ultimate Lover?

Do you have that one friend who you imagine as a lover? You just never make a move because you are afraid of ruining the relationship? Sadly, that is why most people never pursue a relationship with a friend, and these could be the most rewarding of all relations. A friend can give you much more than just sexuality. They can offer comfort, joy, understanding, and a true bonding. If there is one person you have been yearning for and it happens to be your friend, these tips are designed to help make them your lover.

Show Them You Can Be Their Lover

You are in a very powerful position, you already know what turns them on and off. How many late night conversations have you had about the opposite sex? All you have to do is highlight those same characteristics in yourself. This doesn't mean to become someone you are not, just showcase those characteristics so he notices them on you.

As friends we never think about how we look or act, we are ourselves. Travelling into a romantic relationship means having to dress ourselves up a little bit, so the other person takes notice.

Bring The Language Of Love

If you want your friend to recognize that you have deeper feelings, you need to switch up the conversation. Forget talking about television and lovers, and get on a deeper level. Even mixing in verbal flirting will work well.

A New Atmosphere

As friends, you probably visit the same venues day after day. If you are looking for a deeper connection, try a new area that breeds romance. Perhaps the ocean after dark or a romantic restaurant neither of you have been to. Just keep things very casual and see what happens.

Show Them You Are Interested

More than likely your best friend has seen you actively pursue someone you are interested in. So put this attitude out there and let them experience it first hand. You can never be too sure about their reaction, but more than likely it will be positive.

Using Your Body For Positive Reinforcement

One thing that is sure to get a friend to notice you in a different way is by using new body language. We are all attracted to body language on a subconscious level. By simply touching your friend differently, the way you sit, or even look at them will give many nonverbal signals. It is quite possibly the best and most effective way of turning a friend into a lover.

These are just a few tips that you can try and see what happens. The most important thing is to move slowly and not be too forceful. Be yourself, they already like you for you. Now all that is needed is a simple push to turn them into your most powerful lover.


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